Welcome to BSides Stuttgart 2020 :)

After the successful fist BSides Stuttgart in 2019 we're currently preparing for BSides Stuttgart 2020.
And we're planning another innovation: 

One day of talks, workshops and discussions about Autonomous Driving:
BSides Autonomous Driving: 18. May 2020

And two days of "normal" BSides program about Infosec, IT Security, Automotive Security etc.
As usual in cooperation with ASRG :)
BSides Stuttgart: 19. & 20. May 2020

Even though it's hard to find a nicer place than Wizemann.space, we found a new location:
Hospitalhof (Büchsenstraße 33, Stuttgart, https://hospitalhof.de)

With enough rooms for talks, workshops and get together, with a walled garden (!)
and big enough for more than 300 participants :)

Call for paperS

CFPs for both events are running.
Please submit your talk before 31. March 2020, 23:59 UTC.

CFP for BSides Autonomous Driving: https://cfp.bsidesstuttgart.org/tbad2t19/ 

CFP for BSides Classic: https://cfp.bsidesstuttgart.org/bsstr20/

Thanks a lot to OUR Sponsors